About us

Road Movies Film Produktion, founded in 1974 by Wim Wenders, was one of the most successful independent art house film production companies until 2001, consistently producing and co-producing over 100 national and international films in Berlin. Neue Road Movies (NRM) was established and managed by Wim Wenders and his business partner Gian-Piero Ringel in 2008. Since Gian-Piero Ringel’s departure in 2015, Wim Wenders serves as sole managing director of NRM. He is supported by Uwe Kiefer as Chief Financial Officer, Susann Knießner as personal assistant and the office and production team made up of Christine Rennert, and Andreas Pautsch.

The photographic works of Donata und Wim Wenders are overseen by Anna Duque y Gonzalez as studio manager of Wenders Images. She serves as the strategic, conceptual, and organizational supervisor for all exhibition projects and works alongside galleries and museum institutions worldwide in close collaboration with the Wim Wenders Foundation.

In cooperation with NRM, Wenders Music produces soundtracks to Wenders’ films and works on selected music projects. Tim H. Holtorf is managing director of Wenders Music.

On behalf of the Wim Wenders Stiftung, the restoration and digitalization of the cinematic work of Wim Wenders for long-term preservation and accessibility also takes place in the offices of NRM. Francesca Hecht is project coordinator and responds to all questions related to the material. In 2012 the Wim Wenders Foundation reacquired the rights to about 50 Wim Wenders films.

Since 2012 the Wim Wenders Foundation has gradually brought together the cinematic, photographic, literary and artistic lifework of Wim Wenders to make it permanently accessible to the general public. The non-profit foundation model ensures that the whole body of work remains beyond the reach of any form of private self-interest. All proceeds will be used to finance the purpose of the foundation: the promotion of the arts and culture through the preservation, restoration, research and distribution of Wenders’ work on the one hand and through the support of young talents in the area of innovative cinematic narration on the other.

The Wim Wenders Foundation has its headquarters in Düsseldorf. Wim and Donata Wenders are the chairpersons, Laura Holtorf is managing director since its formation. She is supported by Hannah Huber and Anika Lecomte. Claire Brunel works in the Berlin office in public relations and marketing for the international visibility of the complete artistic works of Wim Wenders.